Tanners Hall, Gloucester: Timeline

Tanners Hall shown on Speed's map of 1610

Date Event
13thC Tanners Hall built as a town house
1540 Company of Tanners take over the building and use it as a tannery
1710 Company of Tanners leave Tanners Hall
Late 18thC Tanning ceases. Subdivision of ground floor of Tanners Hall, western part used as a paint shop for a period of time
1822 Worcester Street created
1851 Conversion of Tanners Hall to two cottages
1923-1936 Tanners Hall incorporated into a workshop for Stretton's Garage which covered the entire development area
1970s Plans for the Inner Relief Road drawn up
  Tanners Hall added to the schedule of Ancient Monuments
1996 Buried Remains of Tanners Hall Scheduled as Ancient Monument
  Development area subject to compulsory purchase order for the construction of Gouda Way
  Demolition of Buildings, propping of Tanners Hall and configuration of workshop and fencing off of Tanners Hall
2002 Development area put up for sale
2015 Buried Remains of Tanners Hall removed from the Schedule of Ancient Monuments
2015 Tanners Hall listed as building of Historic and Architectural Interest

A search of historic trade directories was carried out. Entries for premises within the development area (including 37 and 39 Worcester Street, Tanners Yard and Tanners Hall) are as follows:

Robson 1839
There are no specific entries for the development area in this directory.

Pigot 1844
Wingate James, Timber Merchant, Worcester St
No mention of Tanner's Yard

At this point, the area between Tanners Hall and Worcester Street is marked on historic mapping as a timber yard. As James Wingate is listed in the directory as operating as a timber merchant on Gloucester Street, it is likely that he is the proprietor of the yard at Tanners Hall.

Tanners Hall in the mid 19th century, sketched by John Clarke

Post Office 1879
Johnstone James, jun, travelling draper, 37 Worcester Street
Evans Emma (Mrs.), dress maker, 39 Worcester Street
No mention of Tanner's Yard

Tanners Hall shown on the 1884 Ordnance Survey map

Kelly's 1894
Goddard Ralph, 37 Worcester Street
No mention of 39 Worcester Street
No mention of Tanner's Yard

Kelly's 1935
Strettons' Garage Ltd. automobile engineers & agents; show rooms, 39 Worcester Street.
No mention of 37 Worcester Street

South wall of Tanners Hall in the early 20th century (Gloucester Library)

Tanners Hall has disappeared within a large building marked 'Garage'

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